Pre-wiring is the installation of wires inside the home's walls and floors that connect your devices such as televisions, multi-room audio set-ups, security/home monitoring systems and much more.  

The benefits of pre-wiring are endless.  You are not only preparing your home for the future, but maximizing the comfort and convenience your home can offer you and your family.
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Pre-Wire Services for Your Home or Business

Surround Sound
Home Theater
Audio for Television 
Remote Equipment Relocation
Whole House Audio
iPod Integration 
Local Antenna 
Satellite Radio
Network Radio
Electronic Shades
Also For Your Business

Projectors for Presentations & Meetings
Projection Screens
Sound Systems
Microphone's For Event Speaking
Electric Blinds
 The best way to prepare your new home for the future is to prewire.  Even if you may not want all home electronic options for your home right now, you may want them in the future.  You will save yourself time and money, if you plan for the future now.  Down the road, if you decide to add something you didn't have before, the wires will be there.  It is much more cost effective to prepare now, rather then trying to get into your walls later on.
Home is where your heart is.  It is a reflection of your personality.  It is your sanctuary and the place you retreat to for relaxation and comfort.  We can help you add features to your home that will enhance your experience every time you walk through the door.
Home Theater
Bring the movie theater experience to your home!  Whether you want to relax with your family or enjoy a movie with friends, a home theater room is a fun and exciting addition to any home.  You will never miss a moment of the movie, sports game or concert from the best seat in the house!  Iwire Electronics can provide you with the custom viewing options you have always dreamed of, in the comfort of your own home!
Surround Sound
There are many different options for you to customize your theater room.  From the perfect projector and screen, to a television with amazing picture quality.  We are here to help you put together the perfect theater room to fit all your needs and wants.
Ask us about premium theater seating! 
All the comfort and style you are looking for!
Screen Innovations Black Diamond Screen with LED Lighting
Fixed Frame Projection Screen from Elite Screens
Samsung 60'' LED 7500 Series Television
A great option to add to any home theater set-up is a universal remote.  You have the ability to combine all your remotes into one!  Ask us how we can help customize a universal remote to access the functions you want to control.
Pro Control Universal Remote
Surround sound enables you to experience sound coming from all directions.  With the right surround sound system, you can create a superb listening experience.  It can make you feel like you are part of the show!  We can help you immerse yourself in the sound!  Let our experienced staff show you how sound can change everything!
Whether it's table top speakers or in-wall speakers, we have the solution for you!  Stop in and see how we can help to enhance your listening pleasure!
Definitive Technology ProCinema Speakers
Structured Wiring
Imagine your home full of music, where you can hear the same song as you walk from room to room around your home.  Imagine never missing a moment of the movie your watching, even when you get up to make a snack in the kitchen.  The benefits of structured wiring are endless.  
A home's structured wiring system is one that combines all of the home's communication's into a single or central point.  This includes all audio, multimedia, security, telephone, television services, and other communication systems that provide internet capabilities.  A structured wire system functions similar to a home's electric system which is run by a circuit breaker box.  All of your communication systems such as satellite television, internet and telephone are all wired to run to a central point or panel.  These are often located in a basement or utility closet, just as a circuit breaker box would be. 
Structured wiring is really a delivery system for your entertainment, information, and communication throughout your home.  Pre-wiring a home has quickly become a high priority to today's homeowners.  It is a way to prepare your home for the future and to maximize the convenience and comfort you deserve.
Home Automation
Home automation is an electronics system that has the ability to direct many functions in your home.  Here's how it works - Your ready to go to sleep and you just climbed into bed when you realize that you left the kitchen light on.  With a home automation system, you are able to pick up a controller at your bedside and turn the light off without ever leaving your bed.  By integrating all of your electronic devices, the automated system does tasks for you.  This allows elements of your home to be controlled remotely, or to respond automatically to your command.
Even when you are out of town, a home automation system can help keep your home safe.  The system can turn your lighting and sprinkler systems on and off.  It can also open and close your electronic blinds.  This can give the impression that someone is home and that your house is not unattended.
A security system is not only an investment in your home or business, it is an investment in the safety and security of you and your family.  
​Home security is important no matter where you live.  Knowing your home is protected provides peace of mind both when you are at home and away from your home.  Your family is your most prized possession.  Protecting them is priority number one!
With the help of a home automation system, you can access your home security system with the same control that activates your home theater and temperature control.  Home Automation can make so many things easier to operate such as your security system.  
Just as it is important to protect your home, protecting your business can prove to be a great investment as well.  We can provide systems that will give you the comfort of knowing what is happening while you are away from your business.  You can also have the option of viewing the camera images from your own personal computer anywhere, anytime.
iPad with Savant Lighting Application
iPad with Savant Security Application
Savant Applications are designed to work from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.  From these devices, control is at your finger tips!  You can control your lighting, whole house audio/video systems, security, electronic blinds, climate control (HVAC), and monitor power usage.  Savant's technology works anywhere you have an internet connection.  The possibilities are endless!  You can control the functions in your home while you are on vacation or while you are at work.  This is a truly amazing system that combines all of your automated functions into one remote.

We can show you how Savant can simplify your life! 
Give us a call to check out this exciting system!
Definitive Technology Disappearing In-Ceiling Speaker
Definitive Technology In-Wall Speaker LCR
RTI T3 Universal Remote
Savant iPad  Universal Remote Application
 A wireless repeater can spread your WiFi Network's signal throughout your home.  This can be very important for larger homes.  We all know how frustrating it can be to have your signal cut out.  We can show you how structured wiring along with the right equipment can best suit your home and your needs.
Legrand Flush Mount Ceiling Wireless Access Point / Repeater
If you do not have a home automation system, we also offer many different security options that cover all your needs. Talk to an Iwire represntative about the many different camera systems that can be viewed from anywhere you are.  You can also add a DVR to record what your camera's are viewing.
iPad with Savant Climate Application
iPod with Savant Security Application